After some weeks with a rather plain “holding page”, here at last is our lovely new website. Do have fun exploring it. It will gradually grow with time, as we post events that are upcoming, and as we add more detailed articles for those who want to know lots more about Piazzi Smyth, Jessica Duncan, and all the amazing things they did.

There is already quite an impressive list of all the events and activities that we have planned for this year – see the 200th Anniversary section of the website. Very soon we will have more news about the exhibition starting in the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill.

For your further delectation, we have a Facebook Page, and Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Putting this website together was a collaboration of several different people, but the design and clever tech-y stuff was done by Mark Phillips, who is a member of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh, but also handily runs a website design company called Cygnus Extra 🙂 For those who like that sort of thing, the website is made using WordPress and the Avada Framework